St Joseph’s Parish

St Joseph’s Parish was founded in 1912 and serves eighteen local villages. St Joseph’s church was opened in 1917.  The church was opened and blessed by Bishop Cowgill and built on Swinston Hill Road, Dinnington. 

The parish of St Joseph’s Dinnington raised the money to build our Catholic Primary School and the school opened in January 1964.

Our Parish Priest, Fr. Andy comes to school to celebrate mass with the children and their parents, carers/ grandparents and these events are included in the Church newsletter.  Parishioners are aware of dates and can join us to celebrate whole school masses and other whole school events.

We have links with the parish who run the First Holy Communion preparation courses.

Whilst not every member of staff is a parishioner at St Joseph’s, we do endeavor to make sure school is represented at Masses throughout the year.  We have a strong relationship with the parish and children often come to children’s masses and lead masses at Church. The school choir are often invited to church to sing during masses and special occasions. 

We make cards for members of the community who are visited by the caring group, at special times of the year such as Easter and Christmas. 

Our Parish Priest Fr. Andy and many of our parish community will also come and help at school events throughout the year.

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