St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Lidgett Lane, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 2QD


As well as teaching children effective phonics we actively teach and promote reading across the curriculum.

Across the school, reading is now taught daily which focuses on teaching the children to read and understand the text they are reading.  All children have access to high quality age appropriate texts. 

Right from our youngest children in nursery children share books and listen to adults read daily, this progresses to individual reading with the teacher in reception in preparation for whole class reading which begins when the children are ready and have graduated from the RWI programme which is taught with fidelity across EYFs and KS1.

Children are matched with an appropriate reading book that encourages them to practise decoding and understanding. All children were provided with  a brand new school book bag this year, which is now a compulsory part of our school uniform and must be in school every day along with their home / school reading diary. Children bring reading books home and are encouraged to read for ten minutes daily with an adult.

IN EYFS and KS1 all children have RWI Book bag books which match the phonics groups and book they are currently reading in school. These should be read frequently and repeatedly to improve fluency.  If you need any advice on RWI please speak to Miss Jenkinson or Mrs Dove for advice.  Once children are reading fluently enough to leave the RWI programme they are matched to a book relevant to the Lexile level they are reading through Scholastic Reading Pro. We use a diagnostic online quiz to match reading preferences with a range of texts at a suitable level and children can choose from hundreds of books available in our sunshine space learning zone. Lexile Levels are calculated using analysis of the reading skills needed to decode the vocabulary contained in text and the level of comprehension skills needed to understand the content of the text. Once a child has completed the text a further quiz is completed and more recommendations are suggested based on any progress made in reading ability over time.

All children are also encouraged to choose books from class book corners to share at home with parents. We have recently introduced talk though stories in every class across school and the books shared in these sessions have been carefully selected to be age appropriate texts that children will enjoy accessing at home to read for pleasure.  Please remember to return once you have shared the text so that others can enjoy them too.

In order to further increase our love of reading at St Joseph’s all parents have been provided with:

  • A parents’ guide to supporting reading at home.
  • This has some suggestions for ways to support your child in learning to read including questions you could ask as part of reading time together. There are also book challenges for each year group of age appropriate recommended reads. These books are all available in the local library or on line or even to borrow from school just ask your child’s class teacher.
  • A Guide to how reading is taught at St Joseph’s Primary                             

A simple guide for parent’s and carers about how and why we teach reading like we do at St Joseph’s.

Copies of these are also attached below for your reference

Any questions please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher about how we can support you with your child’s reading.

We regularly hold stay and read sessions for you to come and enjoy reading with your child in class or reading themed workshop. These will be advertised as events on ClassDojo and on the school newsletter.

Other events to encourage reading so far this year have included:

  • Class visits to Dinnington Library;
  • Rotherham School Library mining talk and mini museum
  • Storytelling workshops in school for EYFS and Key Stage One for National Storytelling month
  • Bringing books to life creative family partnership workshop – making story sacks
  • John Kirk’s ‘enormous crocodile’ storytelling author workshop;
  • West End Dance & Drama workshop linked to The Lorax;
  • And… termly book fayres from Boggledy Books.

Watch this space for more reading activities to come… including a very exciting outdoor reading space for children (& staff)  to enjoy at break times.