School Performance

School Performance

Data & Assessment- 2021/2022

Whilst no official data was published for the academic year 2021/2022 due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 and the return to schools following the pandemic we have chosen to publish our data on the school website as we are incredibly proud of how hard our children and staff have continued to work hard throughout the pandemic to ensure that everyone has the best possible chance of achieving age related expectations.

  • EXS = working at the Expected Standard within their year group
  • GDS= working above the expected standard for their year group

EYFS – Achieving GLD

2019 2022% difference
40%St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School85%+45%
70%Rotherham LA65% 

KS1 – Phonic Screening Check

2019 2022% difference
20%St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School84%+64%
80%Rotherham LA75% 

End KS1 – Assessment Data: Reading, Writing , Maths Combined

2019 2022% difference
44% EXS 8% GDSSt Joseph’s Catholic Primary School80% EXS 0% GDS+36%
62% EXS 10% GDSRotherham LA51% EXS 4% GDS 
65% EXS 12% GDSNationally53% EXS 6% GDS 

End of KS2 – Assessment Data: Reading , Writing Math’ Combined

2019 2022% difference
37% EXS 0% GDSSt Joseph’s Catholic Primary School57% EXS 9% GDS+20% +9%
61% EXS 8% GDSRotherham LA54% EXS 4% GDS 
65% EXS 11% GDSNationally59% EXS 7% GDS 

Primary School Performance Tables