Read Write Inc

At St Joseph’s Primary School we use the Read, Write Inc. (RWI) programme to teach phonics in the Foundation Stage and KS1. This is a systematic teaching of synthetic phonics and is a highly successful way of developing children’s reading, spelling and language.

Take a look at this introductory video to help you with the pronunciation:

The five key principles that underpin all the teaching in all Read Write Inc. Programmes are:

  • Participation – our teaching strategies ensure that all children participate fully in the whole lesson – there is no chance for children to lose concentration and miss key elements of the teaching
  • Praise – children work together, as partners, taking turns to teach and praise one another and they are motivated by the focused praise they receive from teachers and teaching assistants
  • Pace – a lively pace keeps all the children fully engaged
  • Purpose – teachers know the purpose of every activity and how it leads into the next
  • Passion – it is easy for teachers to be passionate about their teaching because they see their children make such rapid progress.

In Foundation Stage and at KS1 the children reinforce their reading at home through fully decodable RWI books in line with what the children are learning and accessing in their phonic sessions.