Mission Statement

Under the umbrella of the Holy Spirit, we grow in faith together.

GIFT Team Commitment Prayer

 We will do our best to speak the truth,
to always be patient and kind,
to put other people first and always forgive.

To trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes
and to help others to  grow in faith together.

Who are the G.I.F.T members?

Our G.I.F.T is made up of representatives from every class across school. 

They  meet regularly with Mrs Norton, our Chaplaincy Lead to share ideas of how we can celebrate our faith within our school, our parish and with our friends from across the learning community. 

The team have special badges that they wear everyday in school , so the whole school community knows they are GIFT members and they have special purple polo shirts that they wear to Learning Community events so that they are clearly identifiable as members of the G.I.F.T team.

Since their commissioning service by the Bshop earlier this year they have represented school at mass, in whole school collective worship, at the community carol service,  and many other events as exceptional role models for St Joseph’s school. 

You can easily identify the GIFT representatives in your class by their badges,  which were presented by Fr John and Bishop Ralph.