St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Lidgett Lane, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 2QD

Year Two

Our Teacher is Mrs Hudson and our Teaching Assistant is Miss Wright.

In Year two our English Mastery novels for this term are The Wolves in the Wall by Neil Gaiman and The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy. The children will have opportunities to create wonderful examples of writing based on these novels covering many genres. This includes writing from different perspectives, building persuasive pieces, creating setting descriptions, developing imaginative descriptive narrative writing, devising instructional texts, and inventing magical transformation spells.   

Maths this term will start with multiplication and division. Children will use a range of concrete manipulatives to show how multiplication and division are linked. Children will be able to multiply and divide using arrays and bar models to solve problems relating to the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Consolidating information taught in Maths Meetings, children will be able to tell the time on an analogue clock for quarter past, quarter to and five-minute intervals. When learning about fractions the children will learn to recognise a half, quarter and third of a shape as well as identifying fractions of amounts. In our addition and subtraction unit we will consolidate our knowledge of the make 10 strategy and regrouping when adding and subtracting. We will conclude our maths learning this term with money and have lots of practical opportunities to calculate with money to solve money problems.

Our Geography topic for this term is Planet Earth. Within this topic the children will be learning about the seven continents and five oceans. They will explore the different oceans and consider the animals that live there, matching animals to different oceans. Climates and environments will be explored, and the children will learn to recognise the difference between physical and human features. As we travel around the globe, we will encounter the wonders of world and the children’s discovery box home learning challenges will provide opportunities to consolidate learning while also baking Planet Earth biscuits.

In Science we will learn about living things and their habitats. As we learn about life processes, we will explore animals and plants. We will learn to recognise the difference between things that are living, dead or have never been alive. We will investigate different habitats and learn how they meet the needs of different plants and animals.  We will make a wormery and record our observations. After consolidating our Year 1 knowledge of herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores we will learn about food chains and the role of plants. We will look at the seasonal changes and explore our local habitat.