Understanding Liturgy


At this time of year, we are waiting for the coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

The Epiphany

We celebrate the revelation of God in His Son as human in Jesus Christ through the arrival of the Magi.

Ordinary Time

As we have remembered the welcoming of Jesus at Christmas and celebrated The Epiphany, we now move into Ordinary Time.

This phase of the Catholic calender is signified by the colour green.

Our children will be thinking about community and how we gather together as a faith.

Ash Wednesday

This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, the day many Catholics mark as the first day of lent, the time of reflection and penitence leading up to Easter Sunday.

Good Friday

We commemorate Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.


Lent is a journey that leads us toward the cross.

It is a time to think and reflect on lives as Catholics, take time to better serve our families and friends and our local community and to give up something we take for granted so we might better appreciate what we have omitted from our lives.

Hallelujah! He has Risen!

We have been celebrating the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Crist and learning about his gift to us, the Holy Spirit.


Coming 50 days after Easter and 10 days after the Ascension of our Lord, Jesus Christ, Pentecost marks the descent of the Holy Spirit onto the Apostles.