St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Lidgett Lane, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 2QD

Year Four

Our Teacher is Mrs Barton Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Poce

In Year four our novel for this term is Charlotte’s Web by E.B White. The children will be creating wonderful different pieces of writing based on the novel covering many genres.  The children will be challenged to choose ambitious vocabulary to ensure their writing is exciting and they will include a wide range of grammatical features in their writing to suit each text type.

Maths this term will start with time. All children have a clock in their home learning pack and we will be converting time between hours, minutes and seconds. We will move onto where children will develop their understanding of part-whole relationships, fractions as part of a whole or a whole set and be able to add, subtract, compare and order fraction.

Our topic for this term is “Amazon: Rivers and Rainforests” The children will be enjoying learning about where the Amazon is located and the different features, habitats of a variety of animals, the tribes there and the weather. Each child takes home a “Discovery Box” where they can complete tasks to develop their understanding of the topic. Our science topic is “Classification and Environment”. The children will develop a clear understanding of how environments change due to deforestation and urbanisation. We will also look at the different species that live there and whether they are invertebrates and vertebrates.