St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Lidgett Lane, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 2QD

Year Six

Our Teacher is Miss Powell Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Brockbank.

In Year Six our novel this term is War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. Children will be writing a series of creative pieces based on the story such as newspaper articles, persuasive speech, diary from the trenches, and letter writing..  Throughout this they will use ambitious vocabulary used in the correct contest whilst ensuring a wide range of grammatical features are used.

Maths this term will begin with coordinates and shape, followed by fractions. They will build upon prior mathematical knowledge and show clear understanding using a range of manipulatives. We will finish the term on decimals, percentages and statistics. 

Incorporated into every day, children will continue to take part in maths meetings to cement their knowledge and recap mathematical strategies – they put into practice what they have learnt into everyday problems.

The topic this term is “Conflict and Resolution.” The children will be learning about the ‘Great War’ which runs alongside their English topic. The key question that drives this topic is How did the wars impact Britain and the world? It will give children knowledge of the First and the Second World War as well as how conflict still continues in the world today.

Each child takes home a “Discovery Box” where they can complete tasks to develop their understanding of the topic, one of which is to make a paper model of the famous Spitfire.

Our science topic is “Evolution and Inheritance. The children will build on previous knowledge of adaptations before exploring basic genetics and the threat of extinction. We look closely at why there is variation in living things and how these variations, or adaptations, are essential for ensuring the survival of the species – a very current and important topic.