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Our Mission Statement

In Christ we live and learn together.

Our school was founded by and is at the heart of St Joseph’s Parish in Dinnington.
Jesus said, ‘Love one another, as I have loved you’ and this calling is central to our life in school.
We want all members of our community to grow in this love to their full potential, to be happy, and to reach out to the wider community and embrace our children’s motto of ‘caring and sharing.’

Please click the link below to link to our Parish Church

Link: Our Parish Church

Our School Aims:

To achieve our mission we will:

  • Create a caring, safe, happy and warm environment for our children
  • Encourage a discipline that is fair, consistent and constructive, underpinned by forgiveness
  • Work in partnership with families, as prime educators, as well as with the Diocese of Hallam, Rotherham Local Authority and the Catholic Education Society
  • Support the staff in developing their professional skills as they strive for excellence in teaching standards and content
  • Inspire one another to be resilient, active and life-long learners, ready to face life’s challenges with positivity and hope
  • Foster a sense of responsibility in our children to become dynamic, enterprising guardians of God’s world
  • Give our children the knowledge and skills they need to become adaptable, productive members of society, able to make their own decisions and a confident, positive contribution to their community
  • Deliver a curriculum which is diverse and exciting, presented in the context of Christian insights and Gospel values and finds God in everything we learn
  • Provide stimulating and purposeful experiences which will encourage each individual’s potential – social, emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, moral
  • Encourage children to think for themselves and to create together an understanding of and a respect for the views of others
  • Celebrate our Catholic identity, nurturing each person’s spiritual journey and fostering respect for all faiths (fostering a respect for people of all faiths, or none)
  • Share actively in the parish’s mission to continue Christ’s work – promoting love for one another in our local community and in our world