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Apple Class

The Apples have been learning about Growing and looking at plants and animals and how they grow. 

Birch Class

Birch class have been around the world!

Cherry Class

Cherry class have been deep into the rainforests of the planet and travelled to the arid deserts too, looking at structures along.

Pine Class

Pines have found out all about rivers and the water cycle. Following the tales of the river singers, they've learnt about their habitats and the habitats of other river dwellers. 

Maple Class

The pupils in Maple class have learnt about the movement of people and the different reasons people might leave their country, the definitions of a migrant and refugee and the struggles these people face.

They have also looked closer to home and thought about their local environment, studying ordinance survey maps with contours and designing their own cartographic representations using emoji's!

Oaks Class

Oaks have been learning about natural disasters! Hold on to your hats as the ground shakes under your feet in the earthquake experiment and be sure not to be washed away in their tsunamis!