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Welcome to Pines

Welcome to all our children in our class. Our Teacher is Mrs Preece, and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Rusling and Mrs Schofield. 

Explore Topic - 'Where does it go?'

In our geography topic we will be learning all about rivers. 

These are some of the many class generated questions the children will explore and find the answers to.

'How are rivers formed?' 

'Where does a river start and end?'

'What happens when it floods?'

'How can we prevent floods?'

In science we will explore the three states of matter and learn about the water cycle. 

Our exciting adventure narrative this team is The River Singers by Tom Moorhouse. The story follows a family of water voles and the dangers they encounter during the search for a new home.

Claude Monet is our focused artist, we will be learning about his work and that of artists from the Impressionism Movement.