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Homework menus will be handed out on

Thursday afternoon and

should be returned on Tuesday morning .

The top section is the weekly tasks that EVERYONE must complete

(daily reading / table facts / spelling)

and then the bottom section is the section you select a task from each week.

Therefore you should only need a new menu every three weeks.

Creative homework is also detailed on here.

A full explanation of how the menu works is on the reverse of the sheet.



· All homework must be completed in homework books and all books / folders returned EVERY week.

· Homework should be the same standard as work produced in school.

· Anyone not completing homework and returning their book will stay in to complete a task on Tuesday break time.

Helpful Websites

There are many useful websites that support the educational development of children which can be accessed at home on laptops and tablets / ipads.

At the time of adding these links, the content of the sites are deemed appropriate.

In order to ensure that your child is learning successfully through web based sites, please work alongside your child to ensure they know how to navigate the various web pages. Please discuss online safety with your children so that they know how to learn safely when using the internet at home and at school.



Woodlands Junior School – Great maths / Literacy and Topic Links


BBC Learning for Maths / English / Science


Practice Maths and English – all year groups KS1 / KS2 Choose objective you want to focus on


More Online maths and English learning games


Year 5/6 will also receive log in details for compare4kids, which will allow them to access resources used in arithmetic and SPaG bootcamp at home for revision and further practise.

SATS details

If your child is in Year 6 during 2017-18, they will be the third group of pupils to take the new style tests and receive the updated style of reporting results.

Assessment and Reporting

· ‘Old’ national curriculum levels (e.g. Level 3, 4, 5) have now been abolished, as set out in the government guidelines.

· From 2016, test scores were reported as ‘scaled scores’.

· Your child will still be taught with the highest expectations and cover all required elements of the curriculum, similar to previous years.

· The new curriculum is more rigorous and sets high expectations which all schools have had to work hard to meet since the beginning of last year.

Scaled Score Examples

On publication of the test results in July 2018.

· A child awarded a scaled score of 100 is judged to have met the ‘national standard’ in the area judged by the test.

· A child awarded a scaled score of more than 110 is judged to have exceeded the national standard and demonstrated a higher than expected knowledge of the curriculum for their age.

· A child awarded a scaled score of less than 100 is judged to have not yet met the national standard and performed below expectation for their age.

The Tests

· Key Stage 2 SATs take place nationally in the week commencing 14th May 2018

· Statutory tests will be administered in the following subjects:

Reading (60 minutes)

Spelling (approximately 15 minutes)

Punctuation, Vocabulary and Grammar (45 minutes)


– Paper 1: Arithmetic (30 minutes)

– Paper 2: Reasoning (40 minutes)

– Paper 3: Reasoning (40 minutes)

· In addition, some schools will be required to take part in Science testing, consisting of three tests in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Not all schools will take part in this sampling, which takes place on a later date.

· All tests are externally marked.

Writing will be ‘Teacher Assessed’ internally, as in recent years.