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Welcome to Cherry!

Our teacher is Mrs Fraser, who will be getting help from Mrs McCurrach, whilst she takes on her role of Deputy Head. Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Lack, Mrs Schofield, Miss Wright and Mrs Latham. 

This term for our geography topic we wil be investigating the Amazon Rainforest. We will be exploring plants and animals which live there.  We will learn about how important the rainforest is to the enviroment and about the threats it faces from people who want to cut it down.  

In science we are linking it to our geography topic and we will learn about animal habitats and will use our school grounds to investigate what is living there. 

In our Maths and Literacy we are preparing for our SAT's which we will sit throughout May.

To celebrate all our hard work we will visit the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in June to help bring our Rainforest topic to life.


The Rainforest