St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Lidgett Lane, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 2QD

Year Five

In Year Five our class novel is Holes by Louis Sachar. The children will be creating a number of fantastic writing pieces alongside this book, covering a number of genres (including fiction and non-fiction). Different grammatical features will be used by the children to ensure their writing is exciting.

In Math’s this term, the children will start by converting different units of measure. This includes; time, weight and distance. The children will be introduced to real-life scenarios where conversion is necessary, based around the Olympics and the Olympic village. They will then move onto calculating using whole numbers and decimals. We then move onto using 2D and 3D shapes, Volume and finish the year recapping decimals. Throughout the term we will give the children chance to recap on their four formal methods of; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Our history topic this half term is all about Baghdad and the Middle East. The children will learn about the History of the city of Baghdad and how it is so important to life today. The children will have a “discovery box” that gives them tasks to complete that further their understanding of the topic and gives them enjoyable ways to immerse themselves in their learning. Our science topic this half term is “Life Cycles”. The children will understand the life cycles of different plants and animals. As well as learning about; different parts of a plant, the gestation period of different mammals, as well as learning about two key scientists in David Attenborough and Jane Goodall.