St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Lidgett Lane, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 2QD

Nursery and Reception

Our Nursery is staffed by an experienced and well qualified team

  • Miss Jenkinson- EYFS Lead / Early Reading Lead Teacher
  • Mrs Abrahams- Nursery Nurse
  • Mrs Dove – Specialist Early Years TA
  • Miss Ashcroft – Student Early Years TA

St Joseph’s Nursery is for 3 and 4 year old children.

This newly refurbished and purposeful environment provides a stepping stone into developing key skills that will prepare children for their journey through school. Children are at the heart of all planning, learning and assessment. We support children’s learning and development through planning purposeful learning experiences based around the unique child’s interests and needs.

Teaching is adapted to suit the interests and needs of the unique child. Our long-term plan has been carefully planned to facilitate children with the knowledge and skills to prepare them for life beyond EYFS.  Currently in EYFS we are exploring Fairy Stories and Traditional Tales. Children will be immersed in a language rich environment and learn through play with learning opportunities linked to all areas of the Early Years Curriculum. Our weekly planning is shared with parents and available to see in the entrance to the unit. We always have a story of the week and a rhyme of the week which are shared with families so these can be explored at home too.

Engaging environment

Children have access to a large, open space offering a range of areas where children can engage in activities through the support of an adult or through independent exploration. Children can investigate, paint, build and engage in imaginative play alongside their peers from the reception class.

This continuous provision shared throughout our early years environment encourages children to become familiar with their surroundings from an early age and helps embed behavioural expectations within the setting.

Phonics and number learning

Phonics and number are taught through adult led sessions. Through daily Read Write inc phonics and a passion for storytelling, children are provided with a strong start to their reading journey encouraging a love for books.

Children are provided with opportunities for both adult and child led learning experiences to deepen their understanding of numbers and letters through exploration, investigation, and play. By the end of nursery, we hope children will be secure in their knowledge of numbers to 5 and their initial sounds. We encourage children to mark make using a variety of tools through sensory experiences.

Our Curriculum is

Outdoor Learning

Children benefit from access to an exciting outdoor learning environment which is zoned to reflect the areas of learning within the Early Years curriculum. The space includes, a mud kitchen, water and sand play, a nature garden and space for large scale construction and den building. The different areas promote imaginative play and social communication development alongside opportunities for children to develop gross motor skills.

Opportunities for mark making and number learning can also be explored in the outdoor space, this encourages children to broaden their understanding of the concepts taught in the great outdoors.

We offer 30 hour’s places for your child from September 2020 or the option for your child to attend half days. The hours will be 8:45am – 3:15pm with an option to attend our breakfast club before school (available from 7.35am)

Please contact the school office on 01909 550123 if you would like an application form or to speak to one of our Early Years Team.


In EYFS this term our topic is 'Spring has sprung'. We will be observing and exploring the changes that happen throughout the season of Spring through the magic of storytelling alongside first-hand experiences.

We will be reading a series of books related to the topic including: Oliver’s vegetables, The very hungry caterpillar, What the ladybird heard, Mad about mini beasts (poem), Peter rabbit and Jack and the beanstalk. We will develop our communication and language skills through becoming familiar with these stories and retelling them. We will continue to learn how to read and write set 1 and 2 sounds through the RWI phonics programme.

In mathematics we will be exploring addition and subtraction within 10 to solve number problems. We will also develop our understanding of money by exploring the different combinations of coins for a given total up to 10p. We will then move onto exploring measure and solve problems based around capacity, weight and length. We will engage in practical mathematical experiences and use langue accurately.

To develop our scientific knowledge and understanding of the world, we will be growing our own plants and observing how they develop from a seed. We will be learning about the lifecycle of a range of plants, animals and minibeasts. We will visit a  local farm and investigate where our food comes from and how animals are cared for.

We will watch real caterpillars develop into butterflies and tadpoles grow into frogs and then release them back into their natural habitats.

To celebrate the end of this topic and we will plan an 'ugly bug ball' where we will design and create our own costumes, party invites and decorations.