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Welcome to Chestnuts (Early Years Foundation Stage 1)

Our teachers in Foundation Stage 1 are:


Mrs Norton (Teacher) (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Mrs Richardson (Teacher) (Thursday and Friday)

Mrs Wignell (Early Years Practitioner) (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)

Mrs Abrahams (Early Years Practitioner) (Thursday and Friday)

Nursery sessions are mornings 9am-12 noon. Children can start nursery the term after they are 3 years old. 

There are places still available in Nursery - please contact school - we look forward to meeting you.

This half term’s topic:  Animals


Week     1                    Book week – Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) Start of Lent ~(Ash Wednesday)

Week     2                    Pets – caring for animals, coats

Week     3                    Farm Animals  - animal families, animal homes

Week     4                    Wild animals - jungle

Week     5                    Wild animals – Life cycles (bugs)

Week     6                    Easter / Spring

Week     7                Easter

Activities will include:

Talk about our pets and their place in our families. How we look after them.

Learn about different animals and how to look after them.

Talk about animal similarities and differences.

Identify different types of animal skins.

Animal homes - Look at the different places that animals live and why that place is a good place for them to live.

Growing and changing - Life-cycle of chicken, frog and butterfly.

Animal families – bull, cow, calf etc.

Animal products – wool from sheep etc.

  • Talk about our pets, how we look after them and their coats.
  • Talk about our likes and dislikes in relation to animals.
  • Listening games.
  • Environmental sounds and sound discrimination games.
  • See and say activities.
  • Discriminating animal sounds.
  • Sound stories.
  • Role-play – Vet
  • Castle
  • Jungle
  • Home corner


Celebrations/Spring Festivals

  • Shrove Tuesday/pancake day
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Mothering Sunday
  • Easter